Cannabinoids: Since ancient times used to provide many documented health benefits. Outright prohibition of cannabis began in the 1920’s resulting in the near elimination of cannabinoid research while other medicinal research advanced dramatically. With the recent trend to de-regulate cannabis products, the field of cannabinoid science has exploded. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) has proven effective in the treatment of a large variety of diseases including the alleviation of cancer symptoms and moderation of pain receptors. CBD-rich strains of cannabis with virtually no mind-altering THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are now becoming available to medical researchers. With over 500 compounds documented, and 100+ distinct, active, beneficial cannabinoids currently identified in the cannabis plant, isolation, extraction and production of individual cannabinoids has become the top industry priority for new product development opportunities


The fastest growing market in the US, legal cannabis has been reported as offering the potential to outpace the expansion of the global smartphone market and become an $8.9B industry by 2016. To date, twenty US states (plus Washington D.C.) have legalized marijuana for medical use with more states forecast to join the trend.

Until very recently, investment in medicinal cannabinoid research had been non-existent due to legal restrictions. Now - virtually overnight - research into the medical and pharmaceutical use for cannabinoids is expanding at an unprecedented pace. With new capital flowing into the emerging market for cannabis products, the US Federal government has just introduced new banking industry guidelines aimed at making it easier for state-legalized cannabis businesses to have greater access to financial institutions. 

In order to capitalize on this booming market, research firms, pharmaceutical companies and the food supplement industry require a stable, high-quality source of isolated cannabinoids. Along with developing its own products, Cannabis Therapy Corp (CTC) aims to specialize in proprietary phytocannabinoid identification, extraction, marketing, and production providing pharmacy-grade isolated cannabinoids for the food science, pharmaceutical and therapeutic application industries.


Cannabis Therapy Corp (CTC) has assembled a world-class management team comprised of industry leaders offering extensive entrepreneurial backgrounds and experience in the bio-pharma and pharmaceutical/biomedical fields.

Employing the highest standards of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, Cannabis Therapy Corp is strategically positioned to capitalize on current demands and trends. The Company aims to become a vertically integrated global leader by instituting rigorous policies, controls and combined efficiencies in the areas of plant growth, CBD extraction and processing, laboratory based quality control, marketing and ISO-compliant manufacturing of cannabis-derived medicinal products and formulations.

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